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Dry run for winter?!

If you were in one of the midwestern states the beginning of this week, and whether you have been homesteading for years or making just starting like K-Five, it was a GREAT dry run for the winter season! Would you agree?

How did you score on a scale from 1 – 10? 1 being absolutely UNPREPARED for that wintry white stuff falling from the sky and a 10 being an A+++, everything went SMOOTHLY!

K-Five Homestead & Farm scored about a 4……I have a list a half mile long of items that we HAVE to have once winter is here for real.

For starters – gloves. Oh my word, we NEED gloves! And not just one or two pairs, no, we need a STACK OF THEM and in a place where everyone can find them! BRRRRRR!!!!!

Buckets! Yep. There is a reason I have chosen this year to not winter pigs. I do not want to have to carry buckets of water to and from pens, and what did we do to avoid broken lines on Tuesday? We carried buckets, and definitely did not have enough.

I need to fabricate a cover of sorts to go over the tractor to keep the seat dry. I have some ideas with using PVC, so we shall see how that works, and I’ll share as we go.

HATS! Yes, just like gloves, more than 1 and in a specific location to grab from! Coveralls would also be nice to keep us warm and toasty, and let’s face it, 34 degrees was NOT that cold, but it sure did feel cold after weeks of being in the 90’s!

Muck Boots. Oh good heavens! Y’all wanna know where I almost lost my boot at?! Yep! The hog pen. O.o

And pond de-icers. We currently have 1, but we will definitely need 2 more. And then there’s supplemental lighting, timers, extension cords, etc.

There are more, I’m sure of it, but I’m stilling adding to the list. We did stop and pick up some straw after the snow and rain because of the muddy mess in all the pens.

How did y’all do? What was your score? And what is on your MUST HAVE list to grab before Jack Frost makes his debut this year?

I, for one, am ALMOST ready to see that snow stick around, but not quite yet. Let’s get the summer garden put to bed, the fall garden in the ground, pens winterized, produce and birds processed, and then maybe I’m ready for a winter nap. 😉