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What’s in YOUR eggs?!

If you purchase your eggs from K-Five Homestead & Farm, you will know EXACTLY what is in YOUR eggs!

Our chickens are pasture raised. They eat bugs. They eat grass. They eat left-overs, including fruits, vegetables, and protein. They eat egg shells for additional calcium. They eat natural grit to enable their food to be pulverized and allow the chickens to absorb the nutrients they need.

Our chickens are organic. They do not receive ANY vaccinations. They do not receive ANY antibiotics. They do not receive ANY chemicals.

Not only are our chickens, just plain, everyday natural chickens – so are your eggs.

The eggs that our chickens lay are chemical free, antibiotic free, vaccine free, farm fresh, and organic.

You can taste the difference between an egg from K-Five Homestead & Farm vs store bought – we guarantee it.